30 Days Project

I've decided to do a new 30 days project in June. For more info on the concept, check it out here: http://thirtydaysproject.com/

My project will be cooking-based as that's where my life is currently focused. I'm thinking the concept will be that I cook a completely new dish every day for the month of June. Hopefully I'll document all of the dishes - either with a simple photograph, or with a full recipe.

Keep watching (especially during June) to see more info.

An Introduction to Ubuntu Studio

presented by the Ubuntu Vancouver LoCo community
Nov 21st at 2pm

This coming Saturday, Ubuntu Vancouver warmly invites you to learn about the free and open source multimedia production software in the Ubuntu Studio operating system ( http://ubuntustudio.org ). Ubuntu is the world's most popular Linux/GNU distribution and Ubuntu Studio is an official derivative that's designed specifically to help Audio, Video, and Graphic artists. This free community-organized information session will cover all the basic information about Ubuntu Studio, the multimedia creation software it contains, how to learn more, and how artists utilize the software on a daily basis. Many of the applications also work on windows and mac operating systems, so all operating system users are welcome and encouraged to attend. Some Ubuntu Studio installation discs will be available.

Performing at Vancouver New Music Copyleft Festival

8pm Oct 22nd at the Scotia Bank Dance Centre (Granville St and Davie St) in Vancouver.

More info at www.newmusic.org