Halibut with asparagus salad, parsnip puree, and dandelion sauce

Today I got a little more creative with a pacific halibut steak. The dandelion sauce was one of the highlights of the plate - besides the gorgeous halibut steak - its sweet bitterness paired amazingly with the parsnip and leek puree.

Apple Rhubarb Pie

Today I made an apple and rhubarb pie. Tempted everyone at work with the smell, then a few hours later sliced it up and shared.

Flavourings: Vanillin in the pastry crust. Nutmeg, cinnamon, star anise, and chamomile in the filling.

Simple pates brisee crust, added tapioca thickener to the filling, brushed the final result with egg wash.

Critiques: Can't really think of any other than the pie was a bit traditional.

Praise: It was delicious.

Salt pork and camembert gratin

June first brings me a dinner of mushroom, beet, zucchini, salt pork, camembert, and sun dried tomato gratin. I'm not sure of the exact name for a baked dish of thinly sliced vegetables, so I'm calling this a gratin despite not having a brown crust on top (I actually inverted it out of the baking dish in the end).

Critiques: Too salty (next time I'll use chorizo instead of salt pork), and the subtlety of the camembert was totally lost - cheaper mozzarella would have been a better substitute.

Pluses: The flavour was a good combination and the larger slices of beet came through as a nice contrast.