Day6: Raspberry, Sage, Rye & Buckwheat Loaf

As I was out last night watching the horrible game 3 of the stanley cup final, I had to come up with a late night food creation. I decided upon some bread to make for morning enjoyment. Unfortunately I couldn't find any yeast (which I'm sure I have in house somewhere) so I had to change the recipe to a loaf leavened with baking powder rather than yeast.

The flavours were nice the next morning, rye, buckwheat, and raspberries with some molasses and orange zest notes - the sage really was lost despite my concern that I had added too much the night before.

In the end, the loaf really didn't rise very much despite adding more baking powder than the recipe I had found called for. The texture is strange on its own, but when the runny egg yolk cracked into the slice it all married wonderfully.

Day5: White Zinfandel Sabayon over Guava, Pomegranate, and Peaches

As I had the pleasure of eating out at Peckinpah this evening, I decided to stroll to T&T market and see what desert inspiration I could come across.

This was the first time I've dealt with raw guava fruit before, and a fun learning experience. Also a first: making a sabayon, though I've made plenty of hollandaise in my time, so after reading the instructions through once I managed to execute it just fine.

Pluses: Rich, delicious, fruity, and fresh.

Negatives: Guavas were of mixed ripeness and most could have used a day to ripen. White Zinfandel was the sweetest wine I had on hand (I'm not much of a white wine drinker), and the sabayon would have been much more elegant with a chardonay or sparkling wine. The chocolate shavings on top didn't really come through in the bite, maybe bigger shavings would have been tastier.

Day4: Braised pork belly, mushrooms, and leeks in a fresh tagliatelle

Saturday I braised some pork belly in red wine with some shiitake and oyster mushroom stems, leeks, and caraway seeds. While that was braising I decided to create some fresh pasta as a starch to accompany the pork. The rest of the dish just fell into place - I sautéed up some leeks and mushrooms in butter, thickened the remaining braising liquid with a roux, boiled the pasta, sliced the pork belly, and tossed everything together.

Pluses: Delicious. Lip smacking goodness with the earthy-ness of the mushrooms balancing the tannins of the red wine sauce well. Pasta was rustic but done well.

Negatives: The sauce thickness was a bit off. The pork was braised a bit too fast due to time constraints so it was a touch tougher than I would have liked.