Day9: Steak Tartare as well as a plate of Taco Bites

Today I needed to come out with a vengeance creatively (read yesterdays post for explanation). Part of me still wanted to do the concept I originally had yesterday, but properly, but I also wanted to create something new today. So two dishes were created today. Both are appetiser size.

First course: Steak tartare on an arugula salad with a smoked paprika polenta, horseradish mayo, and quail egg.

This was my very first tartare experience, and an okay one at that. In the end the tartare itself was under-seasoned - some people who tried it did enjoy the subtleness of the seasoning, but I kept wanting more punch from the beef. It was still a success in my eyes. The smoked paprika in the polenta lent just enough spice to kick things up while still not overpowering anything (as it can so easily do).

Second course: Chipolte rib-eye steak taco with a roasted corn and tomatillo salsa

This is my favourite creation so far in the month. Absolutely delicious! The salsa had a lime dressing, orange peppers, cilantro seasoning, cascabel peppers (<-- go buy some of these now, they're delicious), a cob of corn that had been grilled without the husk on, and some diced tomatillos. The rib-eye was grilled with a chipolte and smoked paprika rub, they sat on top of some sautéed pablano peppers and red onions, and a toasted tortilla. By the end of the plate, I was proclaiming that I want to eat this everyday for the rest of the month.

Oh, and I paired it with a cane sugar cola with a splash of lime juice (a good rum could easily be added to the drink if you'd like).

Day8: A bastardization of a taco salad

Today my focus was on the Canucks game, the food was something I let slip. I ended up with the plan of scavanging through both my friend Camino's fridge, and his buddy's fridge (where we were going to watch the game from). In the end the usable ingredients I found were: raw prawns, cooked rice, frozen ground beef, tortilla shells, an asian lettuce similar to romaine, and a five-alive juice box. In the end all that was created was tasty, and I did end up with two plates of food. But none of it I was terribly proud of.

Day 7: Split pea & ham soup with crispy pigs ear

This is a recipe that I've wanted to try for a while now. It's out of Fergus Henderson's Nose to Tail cookbook. I feel a bit upset with myself for not creating this from my own creativity, but sometimes it's best to not reinvent the classics.

The flavour of this dish was nice, the ears did lend a touch of collagen to give the soup a nice body. In the end, the texture of the crispy ears was not terribly appealing, and could easily throw someone off this dish.