Day 12: Salmon, prawn and lovage quiche

Today I needed to use up both the salmon and prawn portions that were leftover from the past few days. After looking through my fridge to great dismay, I settled on making a seafood quiche. Lovage was an easy addition as I've got a very large bush of it in my garden. This is the first quiche I've ever made but it managed to turn out just fine other than all of the lovage staying on the surface of the egg mixture. Flavours were nice, I spiced the crust with allspice.

Day 11: Jalapeño Blackend Salmon salad - coconut lime dressed spinach with plaintains, figs, candied walnuts and coconut

I enjoyed this one. The salmon I had would have complimented the salad better if I had bought the snapper instead and treated identically, but in the end still worked nicely.

I candied the walnuts with some mandarin juice, vanilla and sugar; deep fried the plantains; and pan fried the panko and jalapeño breaded salmon. The heat from the jalapeños was a welcome balance to the coconut and sweetness of the figs and walnuts.

Day 10: Polenta and Prawns Platter

My initial thought today was that I had too much polenta from yesterday that I needed to use up. I threw a bunch of italian ingredients into a bag and off I went to work to cook. By the end of it all the dish was clutted, confused, and suffered from too many concepts.

The prawns and polenta was conceived by the notion of shrimp and grits. It was okay, but nothing special. More spice would have helped, I also put a total of zero love into this (I know better).

I had some bocconcini pearls, so a mini tomato bocconcini salad happened to land on the plate.