Day 18: Ahi Tuna with Tarragon Oil and Citrus Champagne Vinegar

This was an ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS MEAL. At work in the morning I was watching our poissonnier butchering a tuna loin into portions and my mouth started watering. I then went to the grocery store to find a couple veggies to include with the fish. While there, I stumbled across some citrus champagne vinegar that piqued my interest, so into the basket it went (very smart move, it was delicious).

In the end I sautéed some pearl onions in butter, salt, and pepper, I blanched the broccolini before quickly sautéing it as well. Finally I tossed the amarosa tomato wedges in the same hot pan just long enough to warm them through.

The tarragon oil was created by simply blending tarragon with olive oil for a few minutes.

I carefully grilled my tuna steak just briefly enough to warm it through without ruining it.

In the end, deliciousness ensued. The citrus champagne vinegar and tarragon oil combined to compliment the fish wonderfully, the browned butter onions were excellent, and the broccolini florets soaked up some of the sauces on the plate making them truly delicious.

Day 17: Tea brined Pheasant, Cherry and Jasmine IPA sauce, Green Tea Soba, and Fried Enoki

This dish started out at the liquor store, I found a Jasmine Tea IPA that I was curious about trying. Then I wandered down to the asian supermarket nearby, found a pheasant that I figured could be brined with some green tea, saw some nice cherries that I decided could make a nice sweet compliment to the bitter IPA. To round out the dish I bought a starch (green tea soba noodles) and a veggie (enoki mushrooms).

I started by brewing some green tea, adding some salt and sugar to it, then putting the pheasant in to brine for a few hours. I cooked the pitted cherries with some of the IPA until they resembled a cherry beer sauce. I deep fried the enoki mushrooms until they were crispy, and I boiled the noodles 'til al-dente - all while oven roasting the pheasant.

In the end, the dish paired very well with the beer, but it did turn out a bit different than I had anticipated. I ended up describing the dish as a rich man's bar food, as it just didn't stand up on its own very well. I realised after eating the dish that I had been trying to bring out a subtle tea flavour while dealing with very strong flavour notes of bitter IPA, cherries, and pheasant.

Still a tasty meal with the IPA pairing.

Day 16: Sunchoke Ravioli with Hot Calabrese and Sweet Peas

I've been wanting to play with sunchokes for some time now and after stumbling across them at the supermarket, I decided today was the day.

Whipped up some parsley pasta, made a sunchoke puree with some cream, nutmeg, and a small dash of truffle oil, then turned the puree into stuffing for the ravioli. I ended up with too much puree, so I thinned it out with cream and white wine to create a sauce for the pasta. I then added in some sweet peas and some hot calabrese to give the dish some added punch and breadth.

In the end, the ravioli was slightly undercooked, but still tasty. The calabrese was a very nice touch to the dish and helped cut through the creamy sunchoke overkill I would have had otherwise.