Update on my 30 days project

For those of you following my 30 days project (I know there's not much else on this site right now), I thought I'd give an update.

I'll start by saying I still have roughly nine or ten dishes that have been cooked and photographed, but not yet posted. That being said, it's now July and I clearly haven't made the thirty dishes in thirty days for the month of June as I had originally intended. The end of June really did burn me out physically in the kitchen, so the project ended up slowly wrapping up over the first weeks of July.

I am in the process of finding time to upload the projects to this site, so expect a couple bulk postings soon.


Day 20: Sous vide flank steak and eggs

I picked up a nice flank steak the other day for relatively cheap. I know this cut can get a vit touvh if cooked poorly, and it had been a while since I'd sous vide anything, so I started up the pot of water and got out my thermometer. Into the ziploc bag went the steak, some branches of savory, peppercorns, salt, and a clove of garlic. After a few hours in the water at 135 I decided that it wouldn't be ready for dinner and the steak would turn out much nicer if I was to leave it cook through until morning.

Thus my breakfast was sous vide flank steak and eggs. Very nice and tender with a pungent herbal note from the savory.

Day 19: Chocolate covered bacon, cherry, and vanilla bean ice cream

I had never tried chocolate covered bacon before this, but the desire and curiosity to do so was very strong. I guess that, combined with the nag of cherries in my fridge is what led to the creation of this ice cream.

I dipped fully cooked bacon strips into some melted dark chocolate, let them cool then sliced them into small chunks. Meanwhile I pitted and quartered some cherries, and started a vanilla bean custard ice cream base, then put everything together and sat it in the fridge to cool. Afer about six hours I moved it all to the freezer (oh and this is all just inside a tupperware container, no fancy machines for me) to freeze.

First time I served a scoop to a friend we happened to be drinking bourbon and we both noted how well the bourbon paired the bacon with the vanilla. The next time I simply poured a small splash of bourbon directly over the scoop. In the end the ice cream is an interesting but wholly satisfying bite, though it's not the type that you would want an entire bowl of.